Which massage is good for which problem?

Massage, beautiful skin, rejuvenates, adds glitter. But most importantly your health offers a magic touch.

What massage is good, how should you choose? Here is your guide ...

When we feel physically and spiritually well, our massage is very beneficial. Investigations prove it. There are different types of massage from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in spas where more than 40 therapies are available. He may not have solved your health problems radically, but he is sure to make a difference both physically and emotionally. This amusing therapy opens up tight and strained stuck bodies, regulates sleep, improves body posture, relieves digestion and breathing, adds shine to the skin, depression and anxiety are good. Now let's ask the crucial question; Which application / massage should be chosen? Getting a positive result in the massage is the main point. We offer the best types of massage that will help solve most of the problems that are close.



Solution: Holistic, Massage Deep Tissue Massage, Rolfing And Shiatsu

It is natural that you are experiencing this problem without any malfunctioning or lack of exercise. A good holistic or deep tissue massage can make a big difference to this problem. If you have had your waistline, you should first see an osteopath specialist. Rolfing aims to induce a sleep by directing the body, muscles and tissues. Muscles and tissues gain true length and flexibility after massage. Another option might be shiatsu. By using fingers and palm, it is intended to apply pressure to the area called the meridian to operate the body. The body is loading energy. Specific finger prints calm the nervous system by reducing pressure and stress on your waist. Therapy is done on special clothes.


English inflation and pain

Solution: Athlete massage, holistic massage or manual limpatic drainage

The athlete's massage is a massage designed to prevent injury to the runner, to reduce muscle tension and to reduce the swelling in the legs, so as to maximize performance. This type of massage, however, can help prevent and treat the injuries that may occur during performance if you are gymnastic or jogging. As an alternaive; you may have a holistic massage or manual limpatic drainage (MLD) solution if your legs have a lot of pain, weight, swelling (usually seen in pregnancy) or edema problems. The limpatic system is part of the body's immune system and carries nutrients to the cells, eliminating those that are not being used, helping to throw them away. MLD encourages fluid circulation and allows cell renewal.


Headweight And Sleep Problem

Solution: Face Massage And Face Reflexology

Sleep problems are very complicated. It is mostly caused by anxiety, back and neck problems, emotional trauma and chronic pain. But those who experience this problem say they feel better after they include massage in their daily routine. Facial reflexology is the best choice for starting. Because it runs more than 500 neurological facial spots that send direct stimulation to specific organs through the central nervous system, which eliminates energy blocking that causes sleep problems and headaches. Alternatively, a basic facial massage is another type of massage that produces results. It makes it easier for you to concentrate on your face and away from the skull. You may want your therapist to show you a few key points, and you can massage yourself at home. Muscle stimulation helps to increase blood circulation, which means more oxygen to the brain. Which leads to a more comfortable sleep and a headache. However, the most important thing to note in facial massage is that it is part of body massage, not beauty care. Facial massage; shoulder, décolleté, and neck.

Massage opens the tight and tightened bodies, regulates sleep, improves body posture, relieves digestion and breathing, adds shine to the skin, is good for depression and anxiety.


Stress And Trauma

Solution: Skull And Quality Therapy Or Holistic Massage

Regular massage (ideally two in a month) is the perfect medicine against the compulsive and stressful burden of 21st century life. Holistic massages, energy studies combined with Swedish massage techniques and deep tissue massage are spectacular. If you prefer a softer massage, a therapy that involves the skull and sacrum will be a better option. This massage includes the act of tapping and kneading the therapist's hands in certain areas of your body with regular massage movements. Study-based; to deepen the functions that affect all our physical health. The stimuli sent with the help of a sensitive handler are activating the tissues. If you are under intense stress or trauma, your body will be blocked, even painful. The therapist listens to the sounds of their hands during the massage and takes action to release the trapped energy. Stuck in the body

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